What Is Streaming

Metal Streaming – purchasing all or a portion of a mines production for both an upfront payment and a fixed price (or fixed percentage) per ounce of metal delivered

Mining Company – provides capital for a variety of purposes including expansion capital, debt refinancing, and project acquisition

Streaming Company – purchasing the right to future production at a fixed cost offers investors leverage to gold/silver price movements, exploration/expansion upside, immediate cash flow and attractive returns through multiple expansion

Why Streaming Is Better

Value of future precious metal production in a mining company vs. streaming company.

The market multiples of precious metals produced in a streaming company is greater than precious metal produced by a mining company because they trade at a higher multiple.

Streaming Process

Bullion Essence makes an initial payment to the mining company for the right to purchase the metal. Then, makes an additional fixed payment per ounce of gold/silver delivered, typically for the life of the mine.

Streaming VS. Mining Company

Streaming Mining Equity
100% Precious Metals Exposure X X
Fixed Operating Cost X
No Capex X
Security X
Yield X

Streaming Vs. Etf/Bullion

Streaming Mining Equity
100% Precious Metals Exposure X X
Leverage to Gold/Silver X
Exploration And Expansion X
Acquisition Growth Opportunities X
Yield X